3 Benefits of White-Label Mortgage Services

A white-label platform is a service from a third-party provider that lets businesses offer technology solutions for customers under their own name. In a real estate context, a white-label platform provides branded services to potential borrowers for applying for a home loan, closing on that loan, and completing all the necessary documents for these often-complicated and time-consuming tasks. Your customers won’t know you didn’t create the technology platform they use to execute various jobs associated with the home-buying process.

SimpleNexus provides white-label services for your mortgage business, helping you offer a technology platform that engages potential borrowers and automates day-to-day workflows. You will benefit from a fully-functioning end-to-end lending solution that appears to be custom-made by your company. Customers will see your name, contact information, and business branding on the digital lending tool. Learn more about the benefits of white-label tech and SimpleNexus’ services below.

What Is White-Labeling for Mortgage Businesses?

White-label lending solutions keep your business name and branding front and center of the technology platform your customers use to apply for loans, connect with third parties such as realtors, sign closing documents, and execute other tasks in the home-buying workflow. That means every interaction loan officers have with potential borrowers will promote your company and its services. 

For example, messages between a loan officer and a potential borrower via live chat on a mobile app will include your logo at the top of the screen. With white-labeling tech, you can build your brand as you scale your customer base.

SimpleNexus’ white-label solutions promote your business at every stage of the lending process. You can offer customers fully customized lending tools and resources based on your business branding, objectives, and values, helping you create deeper relationships with potential borrowers using your services. The company’s white-label mortgage service will boost brand visibility, strengthen customer loyalty, and save time and money with a tested and refined product solution for a more unified customer experience.

Benefits of a White-Label Lending Platform for Your Business

Here are three benefits of using a white-label lending platform in your company.

1. Boost brand visibility

Non-white-label mortgage platforms include the name and brand of the company that created them. For example, Zillow’s lending services might list the name of lenders providing services to its customers but still displays the company’s name, logo, color scheme, and links to Zillow services on individual pages. 

A white-label lending platform allows you to only show your visual elements, helping you boost your brand’s visibility. With increased visibility, you can keep your mortgage company at the forefront of customers’ minds, making it easier for them to remember you in the future and more likely to use additional services. 

SimpleNexus goes one step further than other white-label mortgage app providers by letting you create a custom-made platform for every individual loan officer in your business. For example, each platform will include the name and contact information of officers on different pages. Users will get to know their officers better when applying for and closing mortgage products

2. Strengthen customer loyalty

With increased visibility comes strengthened customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to trust and communicate with loan officers if they can see their details and your company’s branding on a tech platform. Over time, officers will increase loyalty as they move potential borrowers through their lending workflows. 

Simple Nexus not only lets you create individual versions of its tech platform for officers. It also allows you to build co-branded versions of its platform when loan officers work with realtors and other external partners. Because users will trust and become loyal to loan officers, they are more likely to complete loan documents and sign a loan contract and closing paperwork in a quicker timeframe, speeding up loan origination workflows in your business.

3. Save time and money

You can save time and money when customers complete and sign documents more quickly because of increased trust and loyalty. Loan officers will spend less time phoning and sending messages to potential borrowers to remind them to take action, such as providing evidence of income and employment for a mortgage application. Officers can then carry out other tasks in their workflows, maximizing labor resources in your business. 

SimpleNexus’ real-time white-labeling solutions save time and money further by automating communications with potential borrowers. For instance, loan officers can schedule notifications for customers when it’s time for them to fill out an important document or sign the closing paperwork. SimpleNexus is a tested and refined white-label lending platform that improves the entire homeownership journey, from applying for loan products to closing and beyond. 

White-Labeled Mortgage Solutions From Simple Nexus

White-label mortgage services refer to custom-made tech platforms that show your company’s information and branding to potential borrowers at every touchpoint when applying for and closing your loan products and services. SimpleNexus’ white-label service boosts brand visibility, strengthens customer loyalty, and saves time and money for your business. Use it when you want to offer customers technology solutions under your own name. 

SimpleNexus provides mortgage software, technology, turn-key intelligence, and white-label mortgage solutions for financial institutions like mortgage companies, brokers, banks, credit unions, and fintech companies. Schedule a demo of this lending platform now!

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