Elevate Hispanic Homeownership

At SimpleNexus, we believe the homeownership journey is meant for everyone. That’s why you’re now able to accept loan inquiries in Spanish on the SimpleNexus platform.

Start in Spanish. Finish in English.

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Elevate your Approach to Serving the Hispanic Market

Join Hispanic consumers are applying for mortgages and buying homes at record rates. In the next 20 years, 70% of new homeowners will be Hispanic. As more Hispanics embark on the homeownership journey, accessibility is key in helping them navigate the mortgage process.

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Learn about the trends influencing the Hispanic homeownership journey.

Learn about the trends influencing the Hispanic homeownership journey.

More than 470,000 Hispanics became homeowners in 2019
58% of loans Hispanics received helped finance a home purchase
More than 60% of loans were conventional products

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Engage, communicate and collaborate earlier with borrowers and real estate partners to convert more leads to loans.
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Enhance your Point of Sale (POS) impact with a robust mobile-first toolset improving loan production and customer satisfaction.
Simplify your mortgage compensation workflows and eliminate manual spreadsheet management of your incentive compensation programs.
Ditch the generic dashboards and do-it-yourself data entry for turnkey mortgage business intelligence.

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