Case Study NRL

Case Study Nations Reliable Lending (NRL)

NRL Wins Over LOs with Bi-Monthly Payouts using CompenSafe

The Challenge

NRL needed a more agile, streamlined incentive compensation process that made it possible to increase the frequency of incentive compensation payouts.

The Results

Decreased payroll production time by 70%, consolidating a 10-day process into three days
Doubled the frequency of loan compensation payouts from once a month to the same bi-weekly schedule as base payroll
Transparent, easy-to-follow audit trail for compliance purposes

Always up-to-date compensation reports thanks to CompenSafe’s plug-and-play integration with Encompass®

A greater level of transparency and trust in the incentive compensation process
“CompenSafe made it possible for us to move from monthly commission payouts to bi-weekly payouts, matching the rest of our payroll. It's something our LOs really wanted, and we're thrilled to be able to provide.”

Joe DeDominicis, CFO and CTO
Nations Reliable Lending (NRL)