Case Study US Mortgage Corporation Compensafe

Case Study US Mortgage Corporation

US Mortgage Fosters Internal Culture of Transparency & Trust with CompenSafe

The Challenge

US Mortgage needed to improve the execution and fidelity of its loan compensation with a solution that would scale with the organization and promote employee retention. 

The Results

Faster, more streamlined incentive compensation process
Improved accuracy restored employee confidence in the loan compensation process
Greater transparency into loan commission calculations for employees
Loan commission push-notifications sent to LOs via CompenSafe’s integration with SimpleNexus
First-rate, white-glove level of client service
“What I like best about CompenSafe is it allows us to be very transparent with our sales & operational employees. Providing an extra layer of transparency into how earnings are calculated has strengthened their trust in us as an employer.”

Steven Milner, Founder and CEO
US Mortgage Corporation