CRM Integrations

Connections are key in the mortgage business. Stay at the center of borrower and partner relationships by integrating your CRM into your SimpleNexus Digital Mortgage Platform.

Convert Borrowers

Turn every borrower that activates your mobile app or completes a loan application into a lead.

Demonstrate you understand borrower needs

Track borrowers through each stage of the home buying journey

Create a terrific mortgage experience

Connect with Partners

Don’t miss the chance to transform partner referrals into long-term relationships.

Offer long-term value in exchange for every partner interaction

Build your partner relationships over time

Increase your network within your local geographies

a mobile phone showing increased revenue

GreenState Credit Union Case Study

Download the Digital Lending in Action Case Study and learn how they move 63% of applications through the SimpleNexus Platform.
We invest a lot of time and focus on technology, because we recognize that it’s the future of the industry. It’s already making an impact -Ryan Doehrmann, Vice President of Mortgage Lending for GreenState Credit Union

Initiate Timely Communications

Deploy strategic marketing campaigns at just the right time.

Guide borrowers with well-timed messages

Provide an unmatched experience that keeps borrowers coming back

Keep leads warm whether for 5 weeks or for 5 years

" Takes away a lot of daily grinding tasks away from me"

-Bernardo, AXIA Home Loans

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.

SimpleNexus CRM Integrations