Disclosures Done Right

We enjoy talking to lenders about mobile origination tools that help loan originators get their job done no matter where they are. And, we seriously appreciate showing technologies that give borrowers a digital mortgage experience. Likewise, introducing our new disclosures toolset has been one of the most exciting technologies we’ve delivered over the years. Honestly, our new disclosures solution changes everything for lenders without changing anything because the solution fits right into current processes. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive—one of our lenders said he’d just seen the Mortgage Holy Grail!

This new solution offers a disclosures toolset that doesn’t disrupt operations but enhances the disclosures experience for loan originators, underwriters, and borrowers alike. That’s why we describe it as DISCLOSURES DONE RIGHT. Compliance teams are delighted with an impressive tracking tool while lenders get the ability to present disclosure packages and enable borrowers, as well as loan originators, to eSign in the mobile app or online. The combination of disclosures mobility with cutting edge tracking is the reason why I think this solution fulfills lenders’ needs. In our current compressed margin market, it makes sense for lenders to spend less time and effort so they can efficiently process more loans and increase profits.

As the teams here at SimpleNexus developed our disclosures solution, we deliberately focused on the outcome, not output to ensure a superior disclosure experience that:

  • Eliminates shake-ups to the processes used with your Loan Origination System (LOS), so the workload managed by your disclosure desk doesn’t increase, it decreases
  • Shrinks your disclosures costs
  • Streamlines the borrower experience while providing necessary security controls
  • Equips borrowers and loan originators to complete disclosures tasks on their smartphone or device of choice
  • And, provides a document scanning and upload tool for those times when wet signatures are still required

All while seamlessly updating disclosure tracking in your LOS.

While the disclosures solution is terrific, the really terrific part is that it fits right into the fully branded digital mortgage platforms we uniquely configured for each of our lenders. This platform gives single sign-on access to one system that serves as a doorway to the lender’s whole tech stack. Loan originators become truly mobile when they use their smart devices to access credit, appraisals, pricing, VOA, and now disclosures while syncing with their LOS and CRM system every step of the way. We’ve heard stories about loan originators being able to use the mobile app to complete all the tasks needed to quickly send pre-approval letters from ski resorts while sitting on tractors and riding mowers, at soccer games, and even from weddings (don’t tell). They’re also going to love being able to sign disclosure documents from anywhere. And, don’t even get me started on how borrowers benefit from access to the tools they need most. Needless to say, they too will love managing disclosures on the same device they use to search for their home, complete their 1003, and monitor loan progress.

So, can you tell that we like to spoil our lenders with great tools that elevate their business? But, should it really be any other way?

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