Five Ways SimpleNexus is Transforming the Digital Mortgage Space

SimpleNexus makes the homeownership journey seamless from start to close, but which specific functionalities make our solutions so intuitive? From a native mobile app to the ability to provide loan inquiries in Spanish, SimpleNexus shines bright in the digital mortgage space, with certifications, integrations, and accessibility that are unparalleled. Our solutions give lenders the tools to simplify workflows and mobile technology to enable productivity outside of the office and provide a modern consumer experience.

1. SimpleNexus offers a native mobile app with single sign-on convenience

Our highly collaborative app is essential for ensuring that referral partners work harmoniously with the borrower and lender during each step of the loan process, whether through the native mobile app or on the web version. Unlike other mortgage technology providers, SimpleNexus delivers a single sign-on experience that only requires one login. Instead of jumping between multiple platforms and remembering several passwords, all parties can access the information they need in one place, at one time. This way, referral partners never have to wonder about the loan status, and LOs can build stronger relationships with their referral partners through transparency and trust. 

2. SimpleNexus is certified as an eClosing solution provider by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

SimpleNexus meets the full technical requirements of both GSEs for eClosing, eNote, and eVault capabilities, setting us apart from other tech firms whose solutions either lack certification or whose capabilities are provided via a third-party partnership. With SimpleNexus, lenders, borrowers, and referral partners have access to the same app, without any need for separate contracts with other providers. Our eClose solution is approved by ICE Mortgage Technology, ensuring we have a seamless integration with Encompass. SimpleNexus’ eClosing technology is recognized for being secure and efficient. 

3. Our recent acquisition of LBA Ware makes us a leader in mortgage technology

SimpleNexus now offers lenders CompenSafe, an innovative solution for incentivizing LOs and simplifying the compensation process by eliminating labor and errors associated with manual spreadsheets. Compensafe seamlessly integrates with lenders’ LOS to automatically calculate and allocate all compensation as soon as loans close and fund. Branch managers get important insights to LO and operational staff performance, while employees can accurately view their compensation structures. Plus, CompenSafe quickly generates itemized export files for multiple payroll processing systems, making it a convenient choice for payroll and accounting departments. 

4. Nexus Bilingual makes the homeownership journey more accessible

Lenders can now accept loan inquiries in Spanish through SimpleNexus’ platform. This gives Spanish-speaking borrowers the option to begin a loan in Spanish and finish it with help in English. LOs can enable this function to ensure borrowers can access the login page, account creation page, and loan inquiry form in Spanish, as well as receive initial email communication in Spanish. Now, lenders can serve more consumers across different cultural backgrounds and borrowers can more easily and securely navigate the mortgage process.

Our solutions give lenders the tools to simplify workflows and mobile technology to enable productivity outside of the office and provide a modern consumer experience.

5. Nexus Pay makes completing mortgage-related charges simple and secure

With Nexus Pay, loan applicants can pay for mortgage-related costs such as appraisal fees, credit checks, the first month’s payment, and more directly through the SimpleNexus mobile app. Borrowers can easily and independently submit payments via credit card or an automated clearing house (ACH). Nexus Pay accelerates borrower payments and increases process efficiencies for lenders. With Nexus Pay, all parties get paid faster, and borrowers get the convenience of staying in the SimpleNexus app.

About SimpleNexus, LLC

Founded in 2011, SimpleNexus is an award-winning developer of mobile-first technology for the modern mortgage lender. Lenders depend on our namesake homeownership platform to unite the people, systems, and stages of the mortgage process into a seamless, end-to-end solution that spans engagement, origination, closing, and business intelligence. By helping lenders manage their teams and stay connected with borrowers and real estate partners, we deliver a measurable return on investment in the form of reduced turn times, increased loan application submissions, and more referral business. A four-time Inc. 5000 company, SimpleNexus has been recognized as one of the world’s Best Workplaces for Innovators. For more information, visit or follow @SimpleNexus.

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