Four LimeGear Pipeline Dashboards that Optimize Performance

As the market softens, mortgage companies that want to stay ahead of volume slumps are watching their pipelines carefully. With this in mind, let me show you how our turnkey business intelligence (BI) platform LimeGear can help you keep an eye on four key areas of your pipeline that can serve as early indicators of a problem before profits take a hit.

This blog post covers four powerful features within LimeGear’s Pipeline module that will help you track your loan pipeline and assess which activities need your focus today.

  1. Active Pipeline Lock Status dashboard
  2. Sales Pipeline by Volume dashboard
  3. Closer Assignment dashboard
  4. Active Pipeline Product Distribution dashboard

1. Make managing rate locks and extensions easy

If you’re having trouble managing rate locks, the Active Pipeline Lock Status dashboard is the place to be. It contains helpful summary graphs depicting Lock Status by Milestone and by Loan Type. But if you’re a branch manager or secondary desk manager, what you’ll really love is our heat map of Locks Expiring Within 30 Days. 

This visualization makes it easy to see any loans that are at risk of not fulfilling your lock expectations. See how many locks are expiring, day by day, over the next 30 days alongside their current milestone status. Want to see what’s the hold-up? Forget jumping from file to file inside the LOS. Just click on the heat map to drill down to the relevant loan details. This is a fantastic tool for ensuring your team meets your borrowers’ expectations and avoids getting smoked by unnecessary rate lock extensions.

Watch the video below to see the Active Pipeline Lock Status module in action.

2. Identify pipeline bottlenecks faster

The Sales Pipeline by Volume dashboard visualization is a great tool for identifying bottlenecks in your pipeline and getting to their root cause.

By examining your pipeline by channel, loan purpose, loan type, position or even individual, you can quickly identify problem areas. For instance, if your pipeline is stalling once borrowers have been ‘approved with conditions’, drilling down into LimeGear can reveal why. Perhaps your underwriters are over-applying conditions, or perhaps loans are stalling in the stage where they need to be cleaned up for resubmittal before they can be cleared to close.

The Sales Pipeline by Volume module view doesn’t just make it easy to see bottlenecks — it makes it easy to get to the bottom of the problem. Simply click on any segment within the funnel to see a filterable list of all loans that are currently in that pipeline status. You can even click on any loan in the list to drill down to loan-level details, including the last completed activity on the file.

Watch me breeze through the Sales Pipeline by Volume in the video below.

3. Manage closing assignments better

With LimeGear helping you solve pipeline bottlenecks, you’re going to have a lot of closing assignments to deal with. That’s where the Closer Assignment dashboard comes into play.

If you’ve been struggling with Outlook, Google, Calendly, or even an old-school whiteboard calendar to coordinate closing appointments across your closing team, then this dashboard will be heaven-sent. It provides an interactive closing calendar where you can see all your closings for the month alongside a summary of assignments by closer. Click on any day in the calendar to see specific closing details.

Get a peek at the Closer Assignment dashboard in the video below.

4. Optimize your product mix

If you consider product mix an important part of your strategy, then LimeGear’s Active Pipeline Product Distribution dashboard will blow you away.

Use it to quickly identify which of your products are the most popular and which are underperforming. The dashboard does all the research, so you can make informed decisions about which products should get an extra marketing push and which should be shelved in favor of something new.

Check out the Active Pipeline Product Distribution dashboard by watching this short video.

There’s much more to see in LimeGear. Schedule a demo for a complete tour of the most intuitive business intelligence suite in mortgage lending.

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