Four Ways Loan Pipeline Software Simplifies Reporting

Mortgage lenders require the latest loan pipeline software to close more loans. That’s because these mortgage professionals can longer rely on standard data tools when measuring performance, profitability, and productivity in their lending business. Nexus Vision’s™ business intelligence software facilitates various stages of the loan process with turnkey, enterprise-level mortgage lending solutions. Here are four reasons why loan pipeline software tools simplify reporting for mortgage lenders.

1. Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Loan Process with Intuitive Dashboards

Ad-hoc data visualization tools might provide insights into mortgage lending processes, but this intelligence is rudimental at best. Some software tools requires users to click on several tabs or menus to access loan pipeline insights. Other mortgage lending solutions might produce reports that are difficult to build, analyze, or share with team members and partners.

Nexus Vision simplifies reporting with intuitive loan pipeline dashboards that provide a bird’s eye view of all lending processes, from loan origination to closing and servicing. These dashboards provide instant view of pipeline data that identify patterns and trends, allowing users to make smarter and quicker decisions about loans in the pipeline.

2. Integrate Reporting Tools with a LOS/CRM Without Coding and Data Engineering

Some data visualization tools are challenging to integrate with a loan origination system (LOS) making data analysis futile. Users might need to extract data from their LOS, transform the date into the correct format, and load into a data warehouse before analytics can even begin. This whole process is time-consuming and can require coding, data engineering, and other manual tasks.

When a LOS doesn’t sync properly, data sets may be incomplete, inaccurate, or contain errors that jeopardize mortgage pipeline management. This can lead to extra work for a loan officer and borrowers could miss out on their preferred rate.

Nexus Vision directly integrates with various LOS, eliminating complex coding, data engineering, and the manual building of complicated big data pipelines without the need to hire developers, solution architects, and business analysts.

3. Streamline Loan Pipeline Management from Any Location with Single Sign-On

Many standard data visualization tools might work well within a mortgage lender’s physical location but prove useless outside these constraints. Mortgage lenders might have trouble accessing data reports at home, or from a smart device. Part of the problem is how these tools require users to login and validate themselves. Some software uses outdated technologies to identify users.

Nexus Vision allows users to access loan pipeline data from any location via single sign-on (SSO) authentication technology. This software eliminates login requirements to one set of credentials, reducing the need for users to have separate passwords and complete a complicated sign-on process.

4. Access More Insights about Loan Pipelines

Regular data visualization tools might generate some business intelligence about loan pipelines. However, these tools often have a limited scope and don’t provide mortgage lenders with the vast metrics required to fully understand their current loan pipeline.

Nexus Vision offers an incredible number of real-time metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that help lenders make better decisions regarding their pipelines. Some of the metrics include:

  • Production reports such as loans funded per processor, loans funded per loan officer, and applications to funding funnels
  • Performance reports such as Loan officer scorecard, operations scorecard, and brand scorecard
  • Loan pipeline reports such as new loan applications, number of loans submitted to processing, number of locked loans, and loan currently on a loan officer’s desk
  • Historical trend reports summarize 5 years of year-over-year trend data to help identify patterns to strategically plan.

Streamline Your Reporting Efforts with Nexus Vision

Nexus Vision improves visibility, productivity, and performance for mortgage lenders. To learn how to simplify your loan pipeline reporting, request a demo today.

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