Frequently Asked Questions

Product and Payment

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All iPhones on iOS and newer and Android phones on version 5.0 and newer.

Your loan originators will receive a welcome email with an installation link and personalized instructions for each loan originator. After that, your loan originators can share their version of the app via text or email.

No. An activation code is not needed. Simply distribute your app using the installation link and we’ll take care of the rest

No. We place no limits on the number of people who can install your app.

Yes. We provide notifications and analytics to give you up-to-date information on who is using your app and when.

With SimpleNexus you get a full Digital Mortgage Platform that includes a true mobile app as well as an online mortgage loan application and online dashboards. Loan originators get a version of the mobile app and online loan application that are specific to them. Both the Android and iOS versions of your mobile app are real apps that get installed on iPhones and Android phones.

Yes, a completely branded app is released for your company in the App Store and Google Play. Your app will fully reflect your corporate brand and logo. Your mobile app name, icon, description and the colors for your badge, buttons, charts, fonts and icon will all reflect your corporate brand. Your online mortgage loan application web page will also be fully branded.  Emails are even customized to your company. So, even your loan originators will feel as though it’s your own internally built solution.

Yes. Your loan originators get a personalized version of your app that includes their photo, contact information, license numbers and other details. Realtors, and other referral partners, with whom your loan originators choose to cobrand the app can also personalize your app with their photo, contact details, license information and other items.

Yes. If allowed in your corporate settings, loan originators simply login to their loan originator dashboard and update their settings. Shortly after your app will reflect the changes. If you do not grant permission for these changes in your corporate settings your corporate administrator can complete changes for your loan originators.

Your loan originators will receive a notification for every newly started loan application.

Yes. Your borrower can finish an incomplete application at any time. And, if you also offer an online web application through the SimpleNexus Digital Mortgage Platform, your borrowers can finish their loan application from the point where they last left off either online or on the mobile app. Please note: when you select your customization options, you can set required fields that cannot be skipped by the borrower.

SimpleNexus integrates with the top mortgage LOS options. View a current list of LOS integrations

Yes, the SimpleNexus Digital Mortgage platform not only integrates with loan origination systems, we also integrate with credit, appraisal, pricing, asset verification, CRM, email and web traffic tracking technology providers.

SimpleNexus has built strong security measures throughout our entire Digital Mortgage Platform. From providing a way to securely scan loan documents, to data encryption, to assuring the security of data in the cloud, SimpleNexus has you covered.

Yes. Given the significant customization and integration options we make available to our clients, a purchase contract is required.

ACH withdrawal is preferred. ACH payments or checks are also accepted. Credit cards are accepted, however a convenience fee is assessed.

Compliance and Calculations

No. Your clients and Realtors will see what MI will cost on the calculation result screen, but they don’t need to worry about current rates or how the calculation is done. Calculations are done in the background and SimpleNexus keeps up with the latest MI rates and guarantee fees for FHA, USDA, Affordability, Rural, Jumbo, and VA loans, so clients and Realtors never have to worry.

Yes. TILA compliance requires APR to be shown on the results page for every calculation. To enable it, just add your APR-related fees in your account. Once enabled, APR will be displayed for every calculation. This includes upfront and monthly MI fees as long as they apply.

Absolutely. This is completely configurable and can be updated at anytime.

Yes. This is configurable in your account settings.

Yes. You can alter your calculator settings from your Account Settings dashboard.

Technical Support

If you need support please contact us via: Email or call (855) 684-2777 for assistance.