Honoring SimpleNexus’ 2022 HW Rising Star: Tyler Prows

Each year, HousingWire recognizes the most promising young professionals who, in their youth, are blazing trails in the housing and mortgage industries. Being named a HousingWire Rising Star is a unique honor in a longstanding industry where creativity and a high-tech mindset are the driving forces behind innovation. SimpleNexus Principal Product Manager, Tyler Prows, has been named a 2022 HousingWire Rising Star honoree, recognizing his key contributions to the company’s product lineup and overall success.

Innovating ahead of the curve
Tyler has been a rising star within the mortgage industry since joining SimpleNexus in 2018. Having first spent time with Simplifile, Prows brought immediate value and expertise to SimpleNexus’ product team. His first product launch came in 2019 with an integrated disclosures solution that enables loan officers (LOs) to manage, and for borrowers to review and eSign documents and disclosures from anywhere. Within a year, one million disclosure packages were sent through the system, and SimpleNexus customers reported significant reductions in processing time and cost savings at the critical loan estimate and closing disclosure stages.e mortgage industry for many years. Upon joining SimpleNexus in 2018, he played an essential role in bringing powerful electronic closing solutions to market, enabling SimpleNexus to evolve from a point-of-sale solution to the powerhouse homeownership platform it is today.

Disclosures were only a precursor, as Tyler played a pivotal role in overseeing the launch of hybrid closing, an early component of the company’s Nexus Closing solution. It’s impressive to note that Prows’ work on developing an integrated hybrid closing workflow was accomplished in under a year – a go-to-market feat that generally takes several years to complete.

Driving the future
Though he has made significant contributions to improving the modern mortgage experience, Tyler remains committed to new possibilities. Tyler personally values occasions to get outside his comfort zone, believing it fosters better solutions and more impactful teamwork. Tyler acknowledges that the homeownership journey still has many opportunities for innovative change that can make the process simple for all involved.

Regarding Tyler’s achievements, SimpleNexus Chief Product Officer Shane Westra says:

“Tyler’s product leadership has been instrumental in launching several key SimpleNexus projects, such as Disclosures, Hybrid eClose, and the Closing Portal. He’s an amazing product leader, and we’ve been fortunate to have a Rising Star like Tyler as a driving force of innovation at SimpleNexus.”

We look forward to seeing Tyler’s product leadership and impact in the years to come at SimpleNexus. Congrats on becoming a Rising Star.

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