Loan Originators

Single Point of Access to Loan Officer Resources

Single Point of Access to Loan Officer Resources

Create a personal, trusted home-buying experience by elevating loan originators’ capabilities using SimpleNexus. Loan originators can work from anywhere in a fully mobile digital mortgage platform that fills pipeline and increases pull-through rates by allowing them to supply credible information, request documents, and prompt borrowers to complete next steps. SimpleNexus gives loan originators the perfect combination of high tech and high touch that leads to happy home buyers and enthusiastic referrals.

Loan originators working at their best

When your office is in the palm of your hand, the potential is limitless. Using the SimpleNexus mobile mortgage app, loan originators have a full suite of mortgage tools available anytime, anywhere. What was once a tedious game of phone tag is now digital expert guidance that leads borrowers from disclosure documents to pre-approval to close, all with real-time CRM and LOS tracking and complete loan visibility.

An effortless, accessible borrower experience

A digital mortgage through SimpleNexus empowers borrowers to search for their dream home and answer their own loan questions with tools like loan comparisons and the mortgage calculator. Then when they’re ready to move forward, loan originators are available with expert guidance to help borrowers navigate their options.

SimpleNexus Loan Originators One-Pager

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Couple digital experience with personal touch

Give your borrowers the support of traditional lending and the convenience of digital access with SimpleNexus. Borrowers receive a curated library of resources, individual reminders, seamless coordination with their Realtor, and more in a single, intuitive mobile app. Ditch the drain of chasing down borrowers by using a platform that is built to bring everyone together and create lasting relationships.

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