New Tools Help Mortgage Lenders Build Stronger Relationships with Borrowers’ Real Estate Agents

Integrated home search, collaborative mobile apps and kiosk mode for open houses turn prospects into mutual customers.

Today we are excited to announce the availability of a suite of tools designed to help originators build stronger relationships with their borrowers’ real estate agents and convert more prospects into mutual customers.

SimpleNexus makes it easy for loan originators to create mobile apps for Realtor partners to share with borrowers, encouraging high levels of collaboration among all parties. The shared platform enhances the borrower experience by keeping partners up-to-speed on loan progress and putting mortgage calculators and other handy tools at partners’ fingertips.

The next tool, integrated home searchshowcases available properties within the SimpleNexus borrower app, keeping the loan originator at the center of the home-shopping and home-buying experience for increased pull-through, referrals and long-term loyalty. Two digital home search providers are available for integration, and the integration can be configured with or without a Realtor partner.

Rounding out the suite is SimpleNexus kiosk mode, which allows loan originators to collect back-to-back loan applications on a tablet or laptop computer at open houses and model homes, where there’s always a steady stream of motivated borrowers. For added security, kiosk mode automatically wipes sensitive data when a loan application is abandoned before submission.

All three tools are designed to enhance the overall home purchase experience for borrowers.

“SimpleNexus is dedicated to making the home loan process efficient, portable and pleasant for loan originators and borrowers alike,” said Ben Miller, COO of SimpleNexus. “A crucial part of delivering that great borrower experience is making sure the borrower’s Realtor has tools that simplify home search, streamline communication and provide instant loan status insights — and that’s just what we’ve done with this toolset.”

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