The Nexus Awards

SimpleNexus has created the Nexus Awards to honor amazing customers and partners and their crucial role in transforming the homeownership journey.

Each year during SimpleNexus User Group (SNUG), we will be highlighting the incredible work accomplished by these customers and partners. Winning a Nexus Award places you in elite company. Many apply, but few are chosen.

The Nexus Awards has 4 categories of recognition:  

Capstone Award | Fully leveraging SimpleNexus to dominate the market

Partner Award | New integration, joint venture, new roll-out, etc

Trailblazer Award | Outstanding beta partner: in helping roll out new features

Referral Award | Outstanding Referral | Driving large volume with referral partners

We are excited to recognize all the 2021 Nexus Award winners:

Residential Mortgage Services

RMS is all in on SimpleNexus. In 2020 RMSs goal to track and find ways to improve efficiency was aided by using the SimpleNexus reporting API as they crossed 8.5 billion in originations, a 70% increase. RMS uses the SimpleNexus API to update a data warehouse in realtime to understand loan volume, lead flow, and loan officer productivity. The dashboards are used by the business daily to make better-informed data-driven decisions.

Highlands Mortgage

We are excited to announce our 2021 Nexus Trailblazer award recognizing a standout customer leading the way by beta testing and roll-out new features. This year, we are excited to name Highlands Residential Mortgage our Trailblazer Award winner.


After a failed attempt to roll-out eClose with another provider, Highlands turned to SimpleNexus based on our prior relationship. Their business support staff have run through hundreds, maybe thousands, of examples to document every process for all user types. Highlands sent 200+ loans through hybrid eClose in their first month live with us, and they are excited to beta test our new RON solution.

CMG Financial

We are excited to announce our 2021 Nexus Referral award. This award recognized a customer who has driven large amounts of business through referrals and sharing their SimpleNexus app. This year we are excited to CMG Financial as our 2021 Nexus Referral award.


With over 42,000 app shares in 2020, CMG Financial truly leveraged the mobile and referral capabilities of SimpleNexus.

Progressive Insurance

We are excited to announce our 2021 Nexus Partner Award. We appreciate all of our partners and the key role they play in supporting our leading homeownership platform. 


This year, we are excited to award the Nexus partner award to Progressive Insurance. Throughout 2020, Progressive has demonstrated their commitment to the shared vision to transform the industry and streamline the homeownership journey by integrating its online quote and bind workflow into our borrower task list. This integration has allowed for a streamlined and straightforward way for borrowers to get homeowners insurance leading to a shorter loan cycle and reduced burden for our back-office teams.

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