Byte Software Loan Origination System Partnership

The SimpleNexus / Byte Integration is an automated LOS Integration. Automated in that when a Loan Application is submitted by the Borrower, a Loan is automatically created within the Byte LOS. From June 2018 to present, there have been many major improvements to the Integration and the functionality that it provides. Some key components that the Byte Integration provides are as follows:
• LOSync™
• Sync to LO State Licenses from Byte
• Pulls list of Organizations in Byte that the LO is associated to in order to determine the organization that the Loan should be imported to
• Prioritizes import of loans based on the visual display order of the Organizations configured for the LO in the Byte System


More about our integration with Byte Software

Byte Software has a long history in the mortgage industry. We were founded in 1985 and initially catered to mortgage brokers, community banks and credit unions. Over the years we’ve grown to provide mortgage lenders of all sizes the tools they need: document imaging, secondary marketing, web portals, compliance audits, and much more. BytePro Online is our enterprise-class LOS that is hosted in our data center, making it ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. We take care of storing your information and updating the application. BytePro Enterprise is our enterprise-class LOS that is installed locally on your own network. You maintain full control of the application and data. For more information visit

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