Integrated, Automated Asset Verification—
On the Go

Creating a seamless, digital experience for borrowers has long been the mortgage industry’s north star. However, the need to verify borrower assets, employment history and income often presented a roadblock—adding time and complexity to the lending process.

Now, SimpleNexus’ integration with Finicity has changed all that—bringing automated, digital verifications of assets as close as your LOs’ phone.* Your borrowers have a more streamlined experience, your underwriters and LOs save time, and you reduce the verification process from days to minutes.

With SimpleNexus and Finicity VoA, Your Loan Team Can:

Request borrower asset verifications in seconds from the SimpleNexus app.

Quickly and accurately verify borrower assets like checking,

saving, and retirement accounts.

Improve the borrower experience.

Accelerate origination times.

Increase pull-through rates.

Improve underwriter and LO efficiency.


“We’re thrilled to have access to automated verification of assets reports for our borrowers.”

Torrey Larsen | CEO | Synergy One

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