Automatic Asset Verification Saves Time, Hassle and Speeds Loan Originations

SimpleNexus’ integration with FormFree AccountChek transforms the verification of assets (VOA) into a simple, automated, mobile process*, making life easier for your borrowers and loan originators (LO) alike.

Your LOs save time, your underwriters save time, and your borrowers are happier, too.

With SimpleNexus and FormFree AccountChek®, your loan team can:

Request verification of assets from the SimpleNexus app.

Verify borrower assets, employment and income in minutes.

Give their borrowers a paperless, streamlined application process.

Reduce origination times.

Increase pull-through rates.

Spend more time growing their business

“For mortgage lenders, the value is twofold: we’re bringing FormFree’s best-in-class asset verification into a branded location their borrowers trust, and we’re making it easier for lenders to tap into the many benefits of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty initiative.”

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