Help Borrowers Get a Loan and Find a Home

Your LOs are already giving your borrowers a seamless, mobile lending experience with SimpleNexus. What if they could help those clients search for their dream home, too, right from the SimpleNexus app? How much would that differentiate your company with your prospects and borrowers—and take your Realtor partner relationships to the next level? SimpleNexus’ integration with HMB2’s HomeScout makes it all possible.

With this integration, your borrowers can not only apply for and track their mortgage, but securely search a national, real-time database of MLS listings to find the home of their dreams.

With SimpleNexus and HomeScout, your loan team can:

Differentiate themselves in the market.

Build stronger connections with their borrowers.

Increase pull-through rates.

Attract more Realtor partners.

Increase referrals.

Gain a competitive advantage.


“With SimpleNexus and HomeScout, we have something to offer that a lot of our competitors don’t have.”

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