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SimpleNexus provides LOs with a single, mobile-driven platform to connect with borrowers and Realtor partners and access the ancillary systems and tools they use on a regular basis. The addition of compensation notifications through the integration with LBA Ware adds to the suite of milestone alerts and other push notifications already available through the app and gives LOs a more complete picture of their individual level of production in real time.

About LBA Ware

LBA Ware is a software development firm specializing in building software solutions for mortgage and retail bankers.

We understand the business challenges facing lenders in today’s fast-paced, compliance-centric world.

Our focus remains on building software applications that streamlines data integration and repetitive workflow. Through automation, our applications ease the administrative burden on clients and help maximize their operational efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Located in Macon, GA, LBA Ware is the technology partner for mortgage and retail banking institutions across the nation.

We are a Microsoft shop and possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in SQL Server, ASP.NET, JQuery, C#, VB, and Javascript.

Made up of talented software engineers, project managers, marketing professionals, and technical administrators, LBA Ware is a great place to work and is committed to our clients and being responsive to their needs. Learn more at

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