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Through the SimpleNexus and LendingQB LOS integration, loan officers are able to become mobile in their loan origination and be much more active in facilitating the loan process for mortgage buyers. Loan officers can now track the status of all their borrowers, send pre-approval letters and push notifications directly to borrowers all from the mobile app. They are also able to put the mobile app and its tools in the hands of their realtors, partners, and borrowers. With the mobile app in the hands of borrowers, they are enabled to experience a modern, quick, and easy home buying process. From their mobile devices, borrowers can use home search tools, run payment scenarios in a mortgage calculator, apply for loans, securely scan and upload documents, and track the status of their loan.

The integration brings all the necessary tools and information into a central location. The mobile app then serves as a converging point for loan officers, realtors, and mortgage buyers. As a result, all the parties involved have instant access to seeing where a loan is in processing and what’s needed to move forward. And with in-app communication options and push notifications, everyone can seamlessly communicate throughout the process, adding to a holistic approach that is making the lending process dynamic, intuitive, and transparent.

More about our partnership with LendingQB

LendingQB is a provider of Lean Lending solutions. The Lean Lending solution consists of a 100 percent web browser-based, end-to-end mortgage loan origination system, best of breed integrations with key industry partners and ‘adoptimization’ services that result in faster cycle times and lower costs per loan. For more information, please call 888.285.3912 or visit lendingqb.com.

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