Mobility RE

Home Search Capabilities
and Real-Time Alerts Put
You at the Center of the
Homebuying Process

What if you could simplify your borrowers’ home search, and gain the visibility to proactively respond to their needs—all from the SimpleNexus app? SimpleNexus’ integration with MobilityRE gives you and your Realtor partners that kind of competitive advantage.

With this integration, your borrowers can securely search a real-time MLS database for the home of their dreams—and filter that search by neighborhood, nearby activities and more. So, they can zero in on exactly what they want more quickly.

With SimpleNexus and MobilityRE, Your Loan Team Can:

Stay more connected to your borrowers.

Engage more Realtor partners.

Get real-time notifications on borrower activity for proactive response.

Differentiate themselves with borrowers and Realtors.

Get more referrals.

Pull through more loans.

Enable borrowers to search for a home, apply for a mortgage and monitor that process—from the same app.


“Real-time push notifications allow loan officers to proactively assemble loan quotes and prepare pre-approval letters—saving customers time in a competitive real estate market, and converting more opportunities into closed loans.”

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