View, Manage and Share Appraisals— On the Go

Instead of bouncing between systems or checking emails for appraisal status updates, all of this information is pushed directly to SimpleNexus for easy LO access. They just go to their Loans page, select the loan they want, and real-time appraisal updates are all there. Your LOs save time and have the tools they need to facilitate a smooth closing for their borrowers—on the go. Your customers are happier, your Realtors know that the loan is progressing, and your referrals continue to grow, because you’re offering something more.

With SimpleNexus and Reggora, your loan originators can:

Manage appraisal activity from anywhere.

Receive real-time updates when appraisals are submitted, inspections are scheduled and inspections are completed.

Get alerts for status changes, like holds, cancellations, approvals and for appraisals under review.

Receive appraiser messages.

And do it all from the SimpleNexus platform. No separate login. No bouncing between systems or email required.

“The scanning option works great for borrowers. As an LO, I really like the updates and appraisals.”

Teresa Lunde, Loan Advisor,  American Pacific Mortgage

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