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Sync the power of SimpleNexus and Unify

The mortgage loan business is busier than ever and that means using a business growth platform that generates leads quickly, streamlines the loan process, and develops lifetime relationships with your clients and partners. It is vital to use automated workflows and marketing to work for you 24/7.

Using the full two-way sync between SimpleNexus and Unify increases Loan application efficiency and creates more loan applications by reducing the number of application abandonments.

With SimpleNexus and Unify Business Growth Platform™ your loan team can:

Realtime synchronization of borrower information between SimpleNexus and Unify

A loan originator in Unify can start an application in SimpleNexus with a simple push of a button. All the relevant data is sent automatically

When a loan application is abandoned in SimpleNexus, Unify is notified and can automatically start a marketing campaign to get the loan back on track.

LO’s can streamline their loan application process, with fewer data entry steps and reduced data errors

Use both the SimpleNexus and Unify mobile apps on iOS and Android phones


“By leveraging the combined power of SimpleNexus and Unify, lenders can reduce originators’ workloads and keep more business in the pipeline.”

Matt Hansen, CEO SimpleNexus