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Work Hand in Hand with Referral Partners to Close Loans

Work Hand in Hand with Referral Partners to Close Loans

Referral partners are an integral part of the borrower’s experience. With SimpleNexus, you can bring your team into alignment with Realtors to give borrowers a frictionless loan process. Referral partners never have to wonder what the loan status is and can work together with loan originators to support borrowers, close quickly, and generate more referrals.

A unified mobile app for a united team

Build long-term, trusted relationships by showing your commitment to referral partners. You can co-brand the mobile mortgage app to include their information and links, so borrowers don’t bounce around looking for information. And Realtors gain more contact with home buyers in a business where higher touch leads to higher closures.

Clear communication and cooperation

Enjoy strong relationships with referral partners by providing them visibility into lending. Using SimpleNexus, loan originators, borrowers, and Realtors always have an up-to-date loan status. When borrowers are still considering different options, referral partners can use tools like the mortgage calculator to help encourage them.

Borrowers get streamlined service

Everything borrowers need to have a terrific experience in their journey to buying the perfect home is in one spot. Borrowers can search homes within the co-branded mobile app, and take the next step in getting into their dream home. Referral partners rest assured their borrowers get top-treatment and can’t wait to share the mortgage app with other borrowers so they get the same.

SimpleNexus Realtors Overview One-Pager

Want a little more? Just download the API Overview one-pager and read it at your own convenience.

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.