Referral Partnerships

Building Sustainable Referral Partnerships

The Industry's Challenge.

Higher interest rates, shrinking margins, and increased competition are contributing to a disruptive mortgage landscape. Mortgage executives face new challenges in keeping their institutions profitable and their loan officers productive.

To thrive, you need a team built to win. Yet vying for the attention of realtor partners and their borrowers is a major challenge.


More than compete. Dominate.

One of the ways that local mortgage lenders compete with big banks and mega-online lenders is to build working partnerships with local real estate agents and other referral sources.

Without question, the most important key to getting referrals is to provide a great experience, transparent transactions, and consistent communication. Technology plays a key role in helping lenders deliver exceptional customer experience.

Knowledge is Power.

The lender that focuses on the Realtor experience, in addition to the borrower experience, is the one that will get the referrals’ attention. So, what is it that referral sources really want? It all comes down to two fundamental things: the lender’s ability to deliver as promised, and transparency into the loan process.

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Secure Your Competitive Advantage.

With the SimpleNexus white label app, your loan originators can easily co-brand with referral partners and build continuous borrower and partner relationships. Transactions are CFPB compliant and AICPA secure, and referral partners will know that your loan originators will protect their reputation and strengthen their position with borrowers.

So, why would referral sources choose you? Download our one-pager listing the top five reasons that will beat any competitors.