Provably secure, inside and out, at no extra charge

We believe best-in-class security should be a standard feature

Independently verified

SOC2-audited annually

Automated vulnerability scans weekly

Penetration tested both internally and externally

Security that goes with you

The latest encryption protocols cover your data at home, the office, and when you’re taking a deserved break

Two-step login verification ensures that is really you in Bee Lick, KY, or Eek, AK.

If your device is lost or stolen, your only worry is finding a replacement because no sensitive data is stored on the device and access to it requires additional biometric or passcode security

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SimpleNexus Security Overview One-Pager

Want a little more? Just download the overview one-pager and read it at your own convenience.

Infrastructure you can rely on

Geographically dispersed, SOC-audited data centers

Layered network defenses featuring monitored firewalls and intrusion prevention

Automatically updated with the latest security patches, continuously backed-up, and designed with redundancy in mind at every level

"Allows customers to send info safe and securely and makes the process more efficient"

-R Valentine, Synergy One Lending

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.