How SimpleNexus and Mortgage Coach pair to convert more leads into loans

One silver lining of working from home? Originators are spending less time stuck in traffic. Lenders are putting those hours to use getting team members up-to-speed on all the tech at their disposal. A favorite among top producers is the Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis (TCA), which turns LOs into trusted financial advisors by giving borrowers the clear, accurate comparison of loan products and scenarios they need to make informed decisions.

“Originators need to give people options — but creating a manual comparison is impractically burdensome,” says one CIO at a SimpleNexus customer that originates $3 billion a year. “The Mortgage Coach TCA, which can be presented in minutes, builds trust that translates to higher pipeline conversion. Our LOs have enthusiastically embraced this strategy, delivering more than 22,000 TCAs in the last 90 days. What’s even more telling is the number of views and shares those TCAs have received from borrowers.”

As applicants progress through the origination process, SimpleNexus updates the TCA in real time for always-accurate analysis that converts more leads into loans. To learn more, book a demo.

Already a Mortgage Coach customer? Just ask us to enable the Mortgage Coach integration in SimpleNexus. Then every borrower will automatically receive a TCA as soon as they start an application in SimpleNexus.

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