“We’ve reduced turn-time on loans by 2 and a half days”
Andria Lightfoot – George Mason Mortgage

“Being able to save days on a loan makes sure that we hit the borrowers goals which is the close of Escrow”
Maximillian Master – Alpha Mortgage Corporation

“With SimpleNexus we completed the transaction in 4 days and then waited out the 10-day legal requirements to close as compared to the standard 21- or 30-day close”
Charee Wheeler – Lendus

“Speaking to conversion rates…for us we have a 70% pull through on a consistent basis through the technology we provide our originators. Speed to market, speed to app, being able to get in front of the consumer and get their documentation is extremely essential to maintaining these pull-throughs”
Terry Chung – First Choice Loan Services

We are so thankful to have rolled our SimpleNexus in the beginning of this year right before the refi wave and COVID lockdowns hit. Talk about great planning! This saved us.

Greg P. -Digital Marketing Manager
RWM Home Loan


4.5/5 (33 Reviews)

Top Rated Loan Origination Software

SimpleNexus has brought the mortgage application process into the hands of our realtors and borrowers with a very user-friendly mobile app.

Chris F. – Marketing Manager

Case Studies

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It is a great promo tool. – Fairway

The system is well thought out and easy to use without having to research how to use it…… plainly put; it just works!
– LeaderOne

It works beautifully!!! Its a really nice tool that makes the LO look very tech savvy.
– Fairway

Great marketing tool, co-branding and easy for the customers to use. – Acopia Home Loans

This is by far the best system for communicating with, attracting, and maintaining customers and partners.
– Fairway

It is convenient and keeps communication open and moving between the team.
– Fairway

Great functionality for Realtors
– Home Sales Mortgage

my agents and borrowers love this app.
– Leader1

The connection is instant. No loss of business card no searching to send referral
– Nations Lending

Its the best! Very user friendly. Clients can use the app on the weekends or evenings.
– Academy Mortgage

Streamlines the whole process and is a useful marketing tool
– Interstate Home Loan

Customers are very comfortable using the app and it gives me a market advantage. I can send the link to them moments after first contact, which helps secure them as my customer before they contact other lenders.
– AngelOak Home Loans

This platform gives you the flexibility to access it from anywhere. Flexibility is key for me.

This app has been extremely helpful in engaging new partners and making clients feel more involved in their loan process.
– Eagle Home Mortgage