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SimpleNexus Videos Library
  1. Winning with Hybrid eClose and RON

  2. Features that LOs and Borrowers Enjoy

  3. CompenSafe: The Incentive Compensation Platform You Can’t Live Without

  4. Powerful End-to-End Platform

  5. Reaching Hispanic Borrowers with Nexus Bilingual

  6. Implementation and Customization with Nexus Vision

  7. Why SimpleNexus? The Platform and the People

  8. Customizable Settings to Fit Your Needs

  9. Faster Closing with Hybrid eClose and RON

  10. A Seamless, Single Sign-On Experience

  11. Tools to Engage Borrowers and Partners

  12. Customer feedback Drives Innovation

  13. Saving LOs Time and Driving Referrals

  14. Seamless Platform from Start to Finish

  15. Mobile-Friendly Tools that Borrowers Love

  16. Leverage the App Across Multiple Brands

  17. Bringing Data Together to Drive Decisions with Nexus Vision

  18. CompenSafe Builds Trust & Credibility with Loan Originators

  19. A Mobile App to Engage and Retain Borrowers

  20. Customer Feedback Drives CompenSafe Innovation

  21. LOs, Branch Managers, and Senior Leads Love CompenSafe

  22. Customize and Automate Mortgage Compensation with CompenSafe

  23. Best-In-Class Customer Service and Support

  24. Saving Borrowers Time with Nexus Closing

  25. Favorite Features from a Loan Officer’s POV

  26. Digital Mortgage, A Leap Forward

  27. LOs Enjoy Compensation Transparency & Convenience with Compensafe

  28. Plug and Play Analytics with Nexus Vision

  29. Simplify Complex Compensation Plans with CompenSafe

  30. TMC Endorsement

  31. Prequalification

  32. Remote Online Notarization

  33. Origination

  34. Disclosures

  35. Pre-Approvals

  36. Disclosures

  37. SimpleNexus App to Closing

  38. Hybrid eClose and RON

  39. Making the Loan Process More Accessible

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