VOA Integrations

Stop playing the waiting game when verifying assets. SimpleNexus takes the friction out of the application process with digital verification of assets. Borrowers appreciate not having to deal with the hassle of gathering paperwork, and loan originators love how much faster loans close.

Verification You Can Trust

Simplify the process of requesting and verifying assets with automatic, digital verification. Our VOA integrations ensure accurate verification from your phone.

Choose when to request verification

Mobile verification requests

Get Time Back

Borrowers, loan originators, and underwriters save time using digital asset verification.

Underwriters save 30 mins per loan

Instant upload to LOS to enable Day 1 Certainty

Higher loan originator retention

SimpleNexus Verification of Assets Overview One-Pager

Want a little more? Just download the Overview one-pager and read it at your own convenience.

Faster Close for Happier Borrowers

Cut days out of asset verification using our automatic, digital process that leads to higher pull-through rates and faster close times.

Decrease application abandonment

Increase borrower referrals

"The perfect tool for any loan officer!"

-Rich, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.

Take a demo and see the difference for yourself.

SimpleNexus VOA Integrations