On-demand Webinar

Accelerate Your Data Strategy: How Credit Unions Can Leverage Data to Reach Operational Excellence

In this free, on-demand webinar join a panel of experts as they share best practices and practical ways credit unions can implement data-driven strategies.
While it may seem challenging, developing a company-wide data strategy is key in helping credit unions meet members’ housing finance needs. By gathering and organizing mortgage data from multiple systems, credit unions can create their own robust data strategies to increase profits, elevate member retention and satisfaction, and reduce administrative errors.

Key topics:

How to develop your strategy and leverage the data you already have
How to solve the biggest data challenges for credit unions
How to drive business efficiencies and deliver superior member experiences

Featured Speaker(s)
Peter Benjamin, CMB – ACUMA

Ryan Doehrmann, Chief Mortgage Officer, Green State Credit Union

Lori Brewer, EVP & General Manager, SimpleNexus

Chris Gassel, Strategic Account Manager, SimpleNexus

Sponsored by ACUMA