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Homeownership Platform for the Saturday morning Borrower

Strong relationships with borrowers and on-demand tools are the driving forces for success in a purchase market. Hear from Tracy Farber, SimpleNexus mortgage expert on how to stay connected with a “mobile-first” homeownership platform that checks all the boxes for your Saturday morning borrower. This session will explore the borrower tools to keep your lending process productive, including utilizing an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application, notifications and pipeline visibility, pre-qualification, and pre-approval letters.

Key topics:


How an intuitive and user-friendly borrower tool makes the pre-approval and purchase process faster


Why straightforward design and navigation increase efficiency for borrowers and LOs


How to win more business, increase referrals, and gain higher conversions in a competitive purchase market

Featured Speaker(s)

Tracy Farber, Vice President of Sales Engineering SimpleNexus

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