Accelerate Your Data Journey with Nexus Vision

In this free, on-demand webinar, leveraging an organized data strategy is key for mortgage professionals who want to get more out of their employees and increase profitability. How do you get started?

Featured Speakers:

Lori Brewer, EVP & General Manager, SimpleNexus

Chris Gassel, Strategic Account Manager, SimpleNexus


Kickstart your data strategy and leverage the data you already have. Nexus Vision is a new breed of data insights and analytics for mortgage lenders. It unites your people and the leads-to-production- data they rely on, all in one place. Join SimpleNexus’ Lori Brewer and Chris Gassel for an in depth look at Nexus Vision.

Topics include:


A look at the latest modules and insights in Nexus Vision


How to use data to reach new levels of profitability


Solving the biggest data problems for lenders of all sizes