On-Demand Webinar

Rightsizing the Right way: Considerations for Lenders Contemplating a Reduction in Force

In this on-demand webinar, learn best practices lenders can apply to reduce fallout and maximize desired outcomes when contemplating layoffs

As the refi boom wanes, margins are getting squeezed. Already, lenders have announced layoffs, and analysts predict more cuts are on the horizon. What best practices can lenders apply to reduce fallout and maximize desired outcomes when workforce reductions become necessary? You won’t want to miss this engaging discussion with Ari Karen, experienced regulatory, labor and employment law litigator.

Topics to be discussed include:


What reduction in force options are available short of terminating employees?


How can employers ensure employees find the process equitable and have a soft landing?


How should announcements be timed for maximum effectiveness and minimal blowback?


What measure can lenders take to reassure and retain your remaining workforce?

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