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The Myths that Keep Millennials from Buying: Data-Driven Direction for Growing Your Share of America's Largest Homebuyer Market

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the nation’s largest adult generation, yet they account for only a fraction of the average lender’s pipeline. Watch this webinar if you’re serious about pursuing America’s single largest homeownership market.

Lenders that are serious about pursuing America’s single largest homeownership market need to watch this data-packed session with Kristin Messerli, VP of Financial Services at Experience.com and a leading expert on NextGen Homebuyers (a.k.a. millennials). Hear findings from the latest research and learn how to apply them in your business strategy.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:


Key insights into the mind of the millennial borrowers from the just-published 2021 NextGen Homebuyers Report Prevalent homeownership myths that LOs need to be trained on


How millennials shop for and choose a lender


What millennials want from their lenders


What the data tells us about the importance of customer experience


How to put this data into action by evaluating performance based on more than just units and volume

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